Hogar Noticias 540 Million Dollars!The U.S. Energy Source Department plans to provide funding for clean energy technology research

540 Million Dollars!The U.S. Energy Source Department plans to provide funding for clean energy technology research

  • Aug 31, 2022

It is reported that the Department of the U.S. Energy(DOE)plans to allocate more than 540 million dollars for the project of clean energy technologies and low-carbon manufacturing leading by universities and national laboratory.Most greenhouse gas emission comes from energy production and using, so establishing a solid scientific foundation for reducing emissions throughout the entire life cycle of energy, which is critical to achieving the U.S. goal of a net-zero emission economy by 2050.

 Jennifer M.Granholm,the minister of the U.S. Energy Department,said,”in order to achieve the U.S. federal government’s ambitious goals of climate and clean energy,it will require a game-changing commitment to clean energy, and this should starts from the researchers.”The announced research projects will strengthen the scientific foundation needed for the U.S. to remain a global leader  in clean energy innovation, the range is from the renewable energy to carbon management.

·      Granholm went to UVA (University of Virginia) in Charlottesville,Virginia, to announce the  institutions and individuals who had received the funding.They included researchers from 54 universities and 11 national laboratories in 34 states and the District of Columbia.

·      Other institutions received the funding include Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio;Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire;National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado;University of Colorado Boulder;And Ames National Laboratory in Ames, Iowa.

    “The renewable energy research and technology will bring a more resilient future,at the same time it will create more high paying jobs in Ohio.Case Western Reserve University is one of the best higher education institutions in Ohio.This grant will allow Ohio to continue its leadership in innovation,and make our states at the leading position in the industries in the future.”United States Senator from Ohio,Sherrod Brown(OH) said.

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