Hogar Noticias Photovoltaic and Wind power are going to be Important Support of the Energy Transition in Europe

Photovoltaic and Wind power are going to be Important Support of the Energy Transition in Europe

  • Jul 26, 2022

According to the research report from England Climate think-tank Ember Company,more than 95% electricity in Europe is coming from renewable energy sources in 1935, clean energy cost is comparable with current policy. The analyst modeled electric system of Europe to discover the most cost-effective approach to achieve climate aim.

Chris Rosslowe,the main author of the research report,said that the reason is the generating cost of renewable energy reduced substantially over the last 10 years.This research provided a win-win circumstance, which made Europe a net-zero trajectory, keep the cost constant, and cut down our dependence of fossil fuels.

A real joint effort

This research report was released one week before G7 summit. It included some important inspirations for the policy makers.The Ember company expressed that the European countries should accelerate wind power and photovoltaic generation scale,and ensure the safety of energy supply and strengthen domestic manufacturing production.


Rosslowe said,”the policy makers need to realize that adopting clean energy by 2035 is a key milestones towards net zero emissions.Because the wind power and photovoltaic generation are cheap and rich in natural resources. Also,it provides indigenous energy at a time when Europe is very serious about energy sovereignty.”

In order to follow Ember company’s path,the permit process of renewable energy need to be simplified.


Rosslowe said,”from the industry professionals’ prospection of photovoltaic generation,the level we talked in the report should be high. They are consistent with the high end of the industry path recommendations being feasible. However, for wind power, it will be a hard struggle to achieve the aim right now. The aim can’t offer clean energy system before 2035. Thus, the European countries need to endeavour together, and take the responsibility to extend the scale of wind power and photovoltaic generation.As this is the key point for Europe to achieve clean power system goals in 2035.”

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