Hogar Noticias The total generation of the UK PV system is up to 7.77GW

The total generation of the UK PV system is up to 7.77GW

  • Jul 30, 2022

According to the monitoring ,during the current hot waves,the generation of England photovoltaic increased rapidly.

Till the noon of July 19th,,the generation of England operating photovoltaic system got to the maximum number,7.77GW.According to the industry media.The generation is 6 times more than the UK’s biggest nuclear station(the Heysham 2 nuclear station with the capacity of 1.36GW working in Lancashire.)

On July 19th,the photovoltaic system provided about 66.9GW electricity,it accounts for 8.6% of the UK's total electricity demand.In the past 7 days,the photovoltaic system has provided about 9% electricity for this country.

The CEO of Solar Energy UK company,Chris Hewett,indicated that:”it is truly happening that the climate of the earth is changing.We still have ten years to accelerate the development of renewable energy industry.The good news is, PV generation and wind generation is the most cost-effective generation ways in the UK. We have the methods to solve energy security crisis. “

Because of the hot temperature, the generating efficiency of PV modules will decrease,but the influence is little. According to the study, the UK PV system is the most efficient at around 25℃.On this basis,increase every 1℃,the efficiency will decrease 0.5%.

The supplier said that the newest PV modules improve performance,the temperature rises every 1℃,the efficiency only decrease 0.35%.The temperature of PV modules is based on the combination of the environment temperature,the sun’s heating and the air cooling effect. So, 65℃ is needed to reduce 20% the efficiency of PV modules.

Solar Energy UK Company claims that the temperature rises due to the climate change won’t endanger the booming UK PV industry at all.

Hewett added that,”the PV system generation efficiency is higher in spring.If there is more sunlight, it will produce more electricity.It must be remembered that the PV system can be installed and used all over the world.The PV technology we used on the roof is the same as the technology we used in the desert.”

Solar Energy UK Company emphasis that the PV system isn’t unique infected by the high temperature,the fuel generation facilities and the nuclear station all will reduce generating efficiency during the heat wave.

Currently  this company revised their study model in order to show the new quarter’s statistics better.The study indicated that at noon on April 22th,last year,the UK PV system generation made new record,which was up to 10.4GW, more than the record of 9.68GW at 12:30 on April 20th in 2020.

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