Hogar Noticias Total Eren of France plans to develop a 2GW photovoltaic project in Australia

Total Eren of France plans to develop a 2GW photovoltaic project in Australia

  • Aug 22, 2022

Currently the government of Australia’s Northern territory has signed an agreement with France renewable energy developer Total Eren, to develop a Gigawatt scale green hydrogen production facility in Darwin Market,according to the foreign media.

The green hydrogen production facility to be built named“Darwin H2 Hub”will be built on 4000 hectares ground near Northern territory capital,where 2 GW photovoltaic system will be installed.These photovoltaic systems will provide electricity for electrolyzers with an installed capacity of 1GW that will produce more than 80,000 tons of hydrogen per year.

The chief minister of Northern territory, Natasha Fyles indicated that Darwin H2 Hub would provide hydrogen products to domestic and international market.

She said,”rely on our abundant photovoltaic generate sources and the strategic location support of exporting to India-Pacific region,the production of green hydrogen is a key opportunity for this region to solve the worldwide increasing demand for this green energy.

The general manager of Total Eren Australia region,Kam Ho represented that the cooperation enhances the company’s commitment to invest in Australia and low-carbon energy area.

”Our plan is to accelerate the development of projects to supply green hydrogen,and use the renewable energy electricity, in order to support the decarbonization plan for energy intensive industry in this region,”he said.

Total Eren, headquarter in Paris,the company has more than 3.5GW  renewable energy generation assets in operation and under  construction worldwide. This company announced its entry into Australia market in 2018,and developed a 256MW Kiamal photovoltaic power plant in Victoria.

David Corchia, the CEO of Total Eren, said the green hydrogen project was a part of the company’s ambition to position itself at the frontier of Hydrogen energy industry development.

“Total Eren made a strategic decision two years ago,to develop gigawatts of wind power generation and PV projects in areas benefiting from special natural resources,which aim to provide clean and reliable energy in the form of hydrogen or its derivatives,”he said. 


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