Hogar Noticias About $1.2 billion!The Philippines plans to build a 1.3GW floating photovoltaic generating plant

About $1.2 billion!The Philippines plans to build a 1.3GW floating photovoltaic generating plant

  • Sep 20, 2022

The Philippines President Nand Marcos and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently sighed several proposals which help Singapore companies to invest in Philippines,according to the foreign media. These plans include installing a 1.3GW floating photovoltaic generating plant in Laguna de Bay lake, the largest in the Philippines.

The Philippines government currently said that this project need about $1.2 billion investment,but without more details.According to the report of Philippines media Inquirer,the project will be in commercial operation in 2024.The Philippines local developers Blueleaf Energy Company and Sun Asia Company recently said in an announcement,they will cooperate with the Green Investment Group to develop this large floating photovoltaic farm.Green Investment Group is a subsidiary of Australia's Macquarie Asset Management.

According to a recent research,Laguna Lake Development Authority, Philippines(LLDA)began to think about the installation of floating photovoltaic plant on the lake in 2016, and the first intention procedure was initiated at that moment.The research report indicated that currently four photovoltaic projects have been developed at the lakeside, with installed capacity ranges from 10kW to 22kW.

      The report states,Laguna de Bay lake is a kind of widely used resource,and capture fisheries and aquaculture are its primary uses.”So right now one of the main consideration is the square meters of the floating photovoltaic plants.

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