Hogar Noticias India revised ALMM list, net metering and open photovoltaic projects were included in it

India revised ALMM list, net metering and open photovoltaic projects were included in it

  • Sep 16, 2022

India's Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has requested photovoltaic cells and module suppliers to register its models in "List of Approved Models and Manufacturers"(ALMM).

The ministry had expressed that they would only allow the manufacturers of PV modules on the ALMM list to participate in government programs and project tenders after April 10th,2021.Currently India's Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE)has revised the list to include net metering projects and open PV projects.

According to this bill of amendment,any rooftop photovoltaic or open photovoltaic suppliers can only buy photovoltaic modules from ALMM list.

The industry players disagreed the ALMM list which limit the purchase of photovoltaic modules.There are many reasons of the disagreement.The most important reason is that the customers can’t choose the high power output and adopt high-tech PV modules. The availability of PV modules is another problem as the deadlines for the completion of large PV projects need to be met.The prices of PV modules have increased, because of the imbalance between supply and demand.

The newly revised ALMM VII list announced on August 18th,2022,indicates that there are 66 modules suppliers currently shortlisted, no Chinese PV module suppliers is included in the list.

RK Singh,Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Deployment in Indiamet several industry represtantives on September 6, and discussed issues about AlMM,the modules application and basic tariff( BCD),according to sources.

India may delay the implementation industry and commercial (c&i)/open photovoltaic projects for more than six months, even for a year,an industry person said.He indicated that PV project developers are likely to require relax the policy again to allow them buying PV modules from any countries, including China.


India's new energy and renewable energy department(MNRE) may also agree to exempt the ALMM list from the utility scale photovoltaic project and includes it in the exemption range.

         Some PV developers are optimistic that India's new energy and renewable energy department (MNRE) will adopt any necessary measure to protect the developing and undeveloped PV projects.

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