Hogar Noticias Tong Wei Cells Rose 3.17%-4.07%, Profitability Continue to Improve

Tong Wei Cells Rose 3.17%-4.07%, Profitability Continue to Improve

  • Jul 28, 2022

Tong Wei Solar Energy official web put out the newest mono solar battery price in the evening on July 25th,2022. Compared to the quotation on July 1th, the following is the price adjustment condition. The price of 210mm battery rose 5 fen,quote 1.28 yuan/w; 182mm battery price rose 4 fen, quote 1.3 yuan/w; the price of 166mm battery rose 4 fen, quote 1.28yuan/w,  the increase is respectively 4.07%,3.17%,3.23%.

  Since 2022,structural shortage of large-size silicon wafers,this caused the supply of large-size battery continues to be tight,profitability gradually improved. It is estimated that after this price rise,the net profit of Battery Sheet Edge Single Watt rise about 1 fen. Because the problem of the battery supply shortage is hard to change in a short time, this will last to the coming of next year, the battery price will continue to rise.  

  For modules enterprise,with the price rising of battery, the modules cost will rise about 4-5 fen/w. According to SOBI consulting statistics, at present the average price of the mono 182/210 two-sided modules already come up to 1.97 yuan/w in the ground electric station.And the average price of distributed mono 182/210 single-sided modules is 2.00 yuan/w.

  Since the beginning of the year,the price of the industrial chain is rising fiercely,the newest price from Division of Silicon Industry indicated that the price of silicon material has increased to 310000 yuan/ton, the price rose 3 times compared to the 80000 yuan/ton at the beginning of 2021.The marginal profit is more than 18 tons.

  Last week in the CPIA seminar the Commerce Department,the Ministry of Energy,the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology all responded to the price rose in photovoltaic industry.Wang Bohua, the Honorary Chairman of China Solar Energy Industry Association,indicated that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has already lead coordination among relevant departments,intervene in the surge in polysilicon prices.

  On the evening of July 4th,Tong Wei disclosed the earning forecast of the first half of 2022, it is planned that the net profit of the first half of this year is 12-12.5 billion yuan ,year-on year growth is 304.62%-321.48%. Tong Wei plans to sell battery more than 11GW in the second quarter of 2022.The earnings per watt are repaired to 3 fen/W(corresponding to 6 years depreciation),profitability continues to improve.By the end of 2021,Tong Wei battery has a total production capacity of 45GW,The battery capacity is expected to exceed 70GW by the end of 2022.

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